Our Physical Science Workshops



In this class students learn all about the mysterious wonders of chemical science. They will get to explore several types of physical and chemical changes through a series of activities and experiments. Students will observe crystals forming in a glass of water, and a puddle of acetone change into a big glob of goo right before their eyes!


Dry Ice Capades

Have you ever wondered how water is able to change into ice, or even steam? This course introduces students to the idea of shifting states of matter in which elements can transform from liquid, gas, and solid states. During this course, the children will get to experiment with dry ice (with the help of our instructors), in order to conduct a series of tests and explore the properties of matter.



This workshop introduces students to the fundamental concepts of electricity: circuits, conductors, insulators, and how electricity is converted for everyday uses. Students get to create different circuits, interact with plasma balls and discover “sticky” static electricity.


Energy Burst!

Explore the energy of motion and how energy can be conserved. Learn how to make potential and kinetic energy fun with this dynamic class!


Fun-damental Forces

Gravity, inertia, centripetal force… who could ever imagine that an introduction to physics could be so much fun?! We'll experience these awesome forces for ourselves and build some cool devices to watch them at work!


Glow Show

Discover amazing things that glow in the dark and come to light! Probe the properties of light and explore some unusual applications of glow-in-the-dark technology! Find out how fluorescence can be used to catch counterfeiters and how chemiluminescence can be used to make a light bulb in a bottle! *Please note: This workshop requires a room that can be darkened!*


Good Vibrations

This workshop introduces students to physics of sound transmission and creation. Concepts like vibration, frequency (pitch), sound waves, and the transmission of sound waves through different materials will all be addressed. Students will learn about simple musical instruments and how they produce different notes


Harnessing Heat

This class introduces children to the physical facts about heat. Children learn how molecules move at different temperatures and how thermometers work. The instructor uses various tools like a heat gun and thawing blocks to demonstrate how we use temperature- sensitive equipment in our everyday lives.


Junior Reactors

In this course students will explore the concept of atoms and reactions. In addition to learning about chemical and physical changes, students will also get to learn about the make-up of atoms through an experiment which breaks down the concept of atomic structures.


Lab Works

This program introduces the basic tools and techniques that scientists use in the laboratory. The students will develop their scientific vocabulary and fine-motor skills as they learn to manipulate instruments scientists have created for lab work. As the instructor demonstrates more complex experiments, students will also learn to make a hypothesis based on the skills they learned in the class.


Lights, Color, Action!

Red, blue, purple, orange. Have you ever wondered what colors have to do with science? This course gives students an in-depth lesson on the vital role that science play in both lighting effects and color. From exploring the white light theory, to learning about prisms and diffraction lenses, children will be exposed to a variety of experiments and demonstrations involving light and color!


Magnetic Magic

The basic physical principles governing magnetism allow children to learn how and why magnets behave in such ways. They learn how to create magnets and how magnetism is lost. Children use compasses to gain a better understanding of how humans benefit from the Earth’s magnetic forces. This course will allow students to explore the role of magnetism in our everyday lives!


Matter of Fact

Investigate the ingredients of the universe! Build model molecules. Play alchemist by turning a nickel into gold...well, almost...and use our secret formula to make your own Mad Science Putty.


Measure for Measure

This workshop introduces the concept of measurement through hands on activities! Students will learn how to estimate, what the differences are between metric and standard, and the properties of an object that can be measured with scientific equipment!


Moving Motion

This workshop provides students with an introduction to the mechanics of movement, including an understanding of friction and the dynamics of the physical laws that affect objects in motion. Gravity, inertia and friction are all basic physical forces that are explored during this program. Everyday examples of how these forces are at work are presented throughout the activities.


Optical Illusions

Eyesight one of the most valuable features of the human body. They allow us to see the world and experience its beauty. However often times and with the help of the brain, our eyes can trick us into seeing optical illusions. In this course students will learn exactly how the brain can be tricked by the eyes.


PH Phactor

In this course students will explore the chemistry behind acids and bases. During the class, they will learn how the concepts acids and bases are used in everyday life such as the formation of chemically based household products. Towards the end of the course students will learn about the concept of pH balance through an activity in which they balance an unknown liquid.


Playing with Polymers

Students will explore the plethora of polymers that play an integral role in our daily lives as they begin to understand the role that chemistry plays in creating these products.


Slime Time

Ooze into a gooey hour of sliming around! Create slime using the Mad Science recipe, and then enter your creation the Slime Olympics! When class is over, take home your own beautiful concoction of Mad Science Slime!


Super Sticky Stuff

Stick it to the walls in this adhesive hour on things that cling! Push the power of tape to the limits! Explore mechanical adhesion alongside chemical adhesion!


Under Pressure

Join Bernoulli and Newton as we take this exciting look at the science behind aerodynamics and the properties of air… under pressure. Use a vortex generator to create air pockets with a punch, and levitate ping-pong balls in defiance of gravity!



This workshop introduces the concept of measurement through hands-on activities that provide opportunities for children to learn the proper way to measure three-dimensional volume.


Watt's Up

Students will explore the world of electricity! They will learn all about sparks and static electricity by experimenting with a Van de Graaff generator.

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