Hydroponics Workshops

Looking for something new and different? Mad Science is proud to introduce our new line of Hydroponics Workshops!

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Grow Plants Without Soil!

Hydroponics is the fascinating science of growing plants without soil, using a water solvent enriched with mineral nutrients!

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All About Hydroponics Workshops

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Learn about Botany!

Students will learn about plant anatomy, photosynthesis, ecosystems, the water cycle and other relevant concepts as they watch their seedlings grow!

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12-week program!

12 weeks of gardening fun! This longer program length gives plenty of time to allow the plants to grow and thrive!

Goody Bag

All materials and supplies included!

This way you won't need to worry about anything! The hydroponics system, seeds, germination materials, and other components are all included! (If you are interested in purchasing the hydroponics system at the end of the program, this can be arranged!)

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Weekly Maintenance Included!

Each week, a 60-minute visit from one of our Mad Scientists includes full maintenance of the hydroponics system, a series of experiments to help enrich students’ life-science investigations, an extended class project, and a Teacher Resource Guide jam packed with cross-curricular activities!

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Pizza Party!

When plants are ready for harvest, students will get to create a salad from the veggies they have grown, and Mad Science will supply a pizza party and program showcase that parents are invited to attend at the program's conclusion!

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