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Electricity is one of the most fascinating topics in the science world. In this class students will get charged up by learning all about electricity. Our mad scientist will teach students the ins and outs of electricity and how basic scientific concepts such as electrons are able to power radios, refrigerators, and other devices that we use every day.


Fantastic Fliers

The Wright Brothers would be proud as we follow in their footsteps and learn the fundamental principles of flight. Build different types of stunt planes and gliders. Experiment with trick planes and have a contest to see who can build the farthest flying glider!



Who made up the light bulb? Why is Rube Goldberg making things so difficult? Students are encouraged to be the most common type of scientist - an inventor - as they delve into the importance of the scientific method and create their own crazy inventions!


Mad Science Machines

See how simple machines lighten your load! Launch with levers, secure with screws, and work with wedges. Use pulleys to move heavy objects with ease. Teams of elementary-age engineers will have so much fun problem-solving, designing, and testing that they'll forget that they're learning!


Rocket Science

This program introduces students to basic elements of rocketry as students work to build their own rockets to take home! *Please note: An additional surcharge per rocket will be added to the program fee.


Science of Toys

Toy airplanes, yo-yos, building blocks; the real fun behind toys, is the science! During this course children will test toys and explore the scientific elements of various devices. They will learn all about the principle of gravity while playing with balancing toys, as well as other concepts such as magnetic energy.


Super Structures

During this exciting course students will get to take a glimpse inside the world of architecture and engineering. They will get the chance to perform several experiments including a tension test during which they will get to determine the toughest type of textile. In addition the students will get to construct a model of a Roman arch block bridge with the help of our mad scientists.

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