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Programs for Seniors


Created by a professional team of educators and scientists, Mad Science workshops are designed to stimulate thinking and conversations through hands-on scientific exploration of the world around us. Residents have the opportunity to learn by asking questions, observing demonstrations, completing experiments and other activities relevant to the topic of your choice. Curiosity has no age limit!

Whether your residents are looking for an activity to share with family, a unique show for just those residing in the community, or a therapeutic connection with science, Mad Science has got you covered.

  • Highly Interactive: With fascinating science demonstrations such as forensics, robotics, and even optical illusions that will fascinate your residents
  • Action Packed: Our workshops can range from 45 to 90 minutes
  • Appropriate For All Communities: Each workshop is tailored to the needs of the residents present, including the hearing and visually impaired and all workshops are wheelchair friendly. We also offer workshops with failure- free activities. 
  • Affordable: Ask about discounts for multiple presentations. 
  • Adaptable: Workshops can be adapted to any group size and the content can be adjusted to fit the perfect subject matter for any function your community may be celebrating, including holidays, family fun nights, and themed social events
  • Hassle Free: We supply all the necessary materials and equipment and bring the Mad Science lab to you! If your residents are more of the adventurous traveler types, please inquire about our tours and visits to our laboratory headquarters located in Denver, Colorado. 
  • Complete Packages: All workshops include a take-home memento for each resident for them to share their experience with family, friends, and loved ones. 


  • According to the AARP, workshops and hands-on activities, like the ones offered by Mad Science, can provide a creative outlet to allow residents to communicate and express themselves through art & science as a form of dementia therapy. 
  • Workshops can help bolster engagement at family days by providing engaging and meaningful activities the entire family can enjoy together! A great way for Grandparents and Grandchildren to bond through the fascinating world of science! 


 Digging Up Dinos!

Delve into paleontology as we join a fossil dig site! Examine remains of these prehistoric creatures and participate in a Jurassic excavation.

 Rockets Red Glare

Investigate the four forces of flight by launching rockets and examine their basic components in this thrilling rocket launching demo. We also offer workshops for residents looking to make their own rockets to launch!

 Secret Agent Lab

 Become the spy or super hero you have always wanted to be by uncovering the science used to solve crimes. Explore the world of forensics by cracking secret codes and even operate a pair of night vision goggles!

 Black and Blue Oceans

Ahoy! Learn all about the 7 seas and plunge into the world of the ocean. Explore the aquatic environment that Blackbeard once called home. 

 All About Animals

Join us for this exciting safari! Explore various types of animals and creatures by discovering life inside a virtual animal kingdom. 

 Optical Illusions

Things are not always what they seem in this topsy turvy workshop. Residents will be in awe of the trickery these illusions provide and intrigued with the science behind them. 

 Science of Toys

Toy airplanes, yo-yos, building blocks; the real fun behind these toys is the science! Residents will enjoy this trip down memory lane and learn the science behind some of their most beloved childhood memories. 

 Good Vibrations

Pick up some good vibrations by exploring the world of sound. Learn the science behind your favorite tunes. Topics include amplification and acoustics. 

 Hands-On Art Workshops

Mad Science of Colorado also provides a variety of art workshops for all skill levels. All workshops contain failure-free activities and are perfect for all occasions!


Q: Are these programs exclusively for residents, or are they appropriate for residents to participate in with their families?

A: Our programs can be offered just for just your residents or for their families as well! We will coordinate with you to find out your exact needs for the program and if necessary, cater it to include children as well! In fact, we encourage residents' families to participate!

Q: How many residents can participate at a time?

A: For family fun nights in assisted living or independent living, up to 25 residents can participate at a time. For residents experiencing dementia/Alzheimer's, we request groups of no more than 15 at a time to ensure that our instructor has enough 1-on-1 time to work with each resident. 

Q: Do you come to us or do we travel to you?

A: It's up to you! We can book a tour and program for your residents at our location in North Denver, or we can travel anywhere in the state of Colorado to hold the workshop on-site at your facility. 

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Please click here to view our pricing

Q: How far in advance do I need to schedule?

A: We recommend scheduling 2-4 weeks in advance to secure the date and time of your preference! 





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