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Energy Burst!

Explore the energy of motion and how energy can be conserved. Learn how to make potential and kinetic energy fun with this dynamic class!

 (most appropriate for grades K-3)

Fun-damental Forces

Gravity, inertia, centripetal force… who could ever imagine that an introduction to physics could be so much fun?! We'll experience these awesome forces for ourselves and build some cool devices to watch them at work!

 (most appropriate for grades K-5)

Good Vibrations

This workshop introduces students to physics of sound transmission and creation. Concepts like vibration, frequency (pitch), sound waves, and the transmission of sound waves through different materials will all be addressed. Students will learn about simple musical instruments and how they produce different notes.

 (most appropriate for grades 3-6)

Harnessing Heat

The class will learn and observe the basic properties of heat by play-acting the role of atoms, as well as observing the effects and behavior of warm air and water. The children will witness a
tea bag rocket-launch, a gravity defying candlelighting, and even take part in a sense-confusing temperature test. The course is capped off with a taste bud pleasing demonstration of heat at work, transforming solid sugar crystal into the spun floss of cotton candy!

 (most appropriate for grades K-5)

Magnetic Magic

Magnets… how do they work?! Can compasses really help you find your way? Discover the answers to these questions and many more through interactive and hands-on experimentation!

 (most appropriate for grades K-2)

Measure for Measure

This workshop introduces the concept of measurement through hands on activities! Students will learn how to estimate, what the differences are between metric and standard, and the properties of an object that can be measured with scientific equipment!

 (most appropriate for grades K-2)

Moving Motion

This workshop provides students with an introduction to the mechanics of movement, including an understanding of friction and the dynamics of the physical laws that affect objects in motion. Gravity, inertia and friction are all basic physical forces that are explored during this program. Everyday examples of how these forces are at work are presented throughout the activities. Hands-on activities encourage students to interact with the concepts presented. This lesson provides an opportunity to develop scientific skills through inquiry based instructional methods.

 (most appropriate for grades 3-6)

Optical Illusions

Work against your eyes. Trick your brain with lines and coils. Discover how mirrors and their reflections can play tricks on what you see.

 (most appropriate for grades K-5)

Science of Toys

Did you know that some of your favorite toys work using scientific principles? Discover the science of motion through fun, hands-on activities. Move out of the way for motorized toys. Take a spin with kinetic tops. Balance a bird to reveal its center of gravity. A twist of the wrist sets your Yo-Yo spinning!

 (most appropriate for grades K-5)

Under Pressure

Join Bernoulli and Newton as we take this exciting look at the science behind aerodynamics and the properties of air… under pressure. Use a vortex generator to create air pockets with a punch, and levitate ping-pong balls in defiance of gravity!

 (most appropriate for grades K-5)

Where's The Air?

Be amazed at the power of air around us. Use a vortex generator, watch an aluminum can implode, and make your own paper helicopter to fly at home!


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