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STEM-ulating Science Sampler

Grab your lab coats and get ready to discover the exciting world of STEM as you explore five different science and engineering concepts with Mad Science! Learn the science behind secret codes, how cameras works, create potions with the science of chemistry, and much, much more!


Biology Blast!

From the tiniest of cells in the human body to complex ecosystems in the world around us, campers will have a blast with biology in this brand-new summer camp from Mad Science! Students are encouraged to think about how all life on our planet is connected, and use 21st century skills to learn how we can protect it in the future!


Bubbling Beakers and Radical Reactions

Explore the magical worlds of bubbling beakers, crazy chemistry and all kinds of radical reactions as you whip up all sorts of molecular madness in this exciting chemistry-themed camp! Learn about the many chemical solutions of science and find out how different chemicals react when mixed together!


Funky Forensics

Funky Forensics is an exciting and immersive camp that will teach you the science of fighting crime! From fingerprint and fiber analysis to night vision goggles and security systems, students will explore a wide variety of investigative methods and technological innovations in the mysterious world of Forensic Science!


Rockets, Wings and Flying Things

Welcome aboard one of the most popular summer camps Mad Science has to offer! An exciting experience where campers will learn all about the fascinating world of aerodynamics! We will explore the Four Forces of flight through an exciting series of demonstrations and activities involving kites, planes, rockets and more!


Eureka! Inventors and Explorers

Inspire the inventor and scientist in you during this week of discovery and invention! Each day campers will be given challenges which must be overcome using basic materials, tips from world famous inventors, your newly acquired science knowledge and the most important thing of all – your mind. Learn about famous inventors including Nikola Tesla, Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo DaVinci and more!


NASA: Expedition to Infinity

Developed in partnership with NASA, this camp will boldly go where no one has gone before and send future space explorers on an expedition to infinity and beyond as they explore our Earth’s atmosphere, the outer reaches of our solar system -- and everywhere in between!


ElecTRICKS and FUNgineering

Learn the science behind the creations of your favorite engineers like Elon Musk, Nikola Tesla, and Henry Ford! This camp covers a wide variety of engineering concepts, including electrical engineering, simple machines, architectural engineering and more!


Robotics 101

Join Mad Science for a week of discovery and fun in this five-day Robotics Camp! Investigate robotic fundamentals with curious robots, learn about the history and current field of robotics, explore robot design potential and build ingenious robots to take home. We will explore circuits, electricity, sensors, gears, and advanced robotic applications.


Advanced Robotics

Explore advanced fundamentals and practical applications of robotics -- and build your very own real, working robot to take home! Campers spend the majority of this week building and troubleshooting their own robots, with advanced lessons in gears, circuitry, sensors and more to ensure they leave at the end of the week with a firm grasp of how and why their robots work!


Underground Explorers - A brand new camp!!!

Calling all Jr. Archaeologists and Paleontologists! Uncover the mysteries of ancient civilizations, explore the history of dinosaurs & dig up the ancient past! Learn about archaeology & the techniques scientists use to excavate long lost cities. Discover ancient civilizations & the tools and artifacts they used in everyday life. Study bone fragments, pottery shards, amber deposits, and fossils!


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