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Life Science Workshops 

All About Animals

Feathers, fins, fur and more! Explore the animal kingdom and learn about the habitats, anatomy and life cycles of your favorite creatures. Explore the amazing — and sometimes strange — sounds that animals make.

 (most appropriate for grades K-5)

Bare Bones

This workshop introduces students to the basic concepts of skeletal anatomy. They will manipulate life-sized human skeleton models, and examine how the different bones of our skeleton articulate, and how the joints operate.

 (most appropriate for grades 4-6)

Be Tobacco Free

This workshop introduces students to the danger of using tobacco products. Students will participate in a variety of demonstrations that simulate the effects of tobacco smoke on the human body.

 (most appropriate for grades 3-6)

Black and Blue Oceans

Environmental disasters are all too frequent in our modern world. This workshop explores two current pollution issues: oil spills and acid rain. Students devise and test oil spill clean-up techniques in a mock oil spill and learn how real scientists are working to solve these problems.

 (most appropriate for grades 3-6)

Body Basics

Explore the amazing machine that can speak 48,000 words, move liquids 168,000,000 miles, and take in 3 pounds of food all in one day- your body!

 (most appropriate for grades K-6)


Engross yourself in entomology! Inspect authentic insect specimens. Update your insect anatomy know-how. Match-up insects with their habitats. Discover insect defenses and their role in our ecosystems. Explore the world's most abundant animal!

 (most appropriate for grades K-3)


This hands-on workshop provides students with an introduction to cell structure (including an understanding that cells are the building blocks of all living things), cell process, and cell division!

 (most appropriate for grades 4-6)


Introduce yourself to fungi, mushrooms, and our favorite decomposer- the worm! Discover the role that worms play in our ecosystem and plant growth. Learn how they eat, see, move, and help people recycle.

 (most appropriate for grades K-3)


Delve into paleontology as we join a dinosaur dig! Examine real fossil casts to see the differences in the teeth of herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs. Students will participate in a mini dinosaur excavation!

 (most appropriate for grades K-3)

Dirt on Garbage

Reduce, reuse, and recycle in this hands-on class! Students will work together while exploring ways to reduce and manage waste to improve the state of our environment.

 (most appropriate for grades K-6)

Ecosystem Explorations

Discover what an ecosystem is, where it can be found, and what it does. Students will challenge themselves to rid a "lake" of pollution, and build several real ecosystems for the class to keep!

 (most appropriate for grades 3-6)

Mineral Mania

Learn about the layers of the Earth, recreate a volcano, and devise ways to identify and classify rocks and minerals.

 (most appropriate for grades 3-6)


How is a plant like a battery? Why do most plants appear to be green? Diagram the process of photosynthesis, discover how plants convert light into food, and germinate your very own seeds to take home.

 (most appropriate for grades 4-6)

Seeking Our Senses

Sniff out the science of your five senses and explore the world around us as you learn to be a sense-ative person! Test your vision with our mind-boggling illusions. Use your hearing for fun and games. Put your fingers to the test with our Braille cards, and tease your tongue with our very own taste test.

 (most appropriate for grades K-6

Walloping Weather

Walloping Weather provides students with an opportunity to learn about weather. They will conduct hands-on experiments to better understand how it rains and what causes lightning. They will investigate the ways in which weather is predicted and measured and will become meteorologists in training. 


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