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Enrichment Classes - Descriptions


Brand New Enrichment Topics for the 2018-2019 School Year!!!

Check your school's schedule to see which topics are currently running.



Fantastic Forces  *New in 2019!*

 We all know that what goes up must come down, but did you know that gravity can be suspended in certain conditions? This after school program will help students explore the fundamental forces of our universe, including Newton's Laws of Motion. Send atomic coins spinning through a vortex! Launch catapults to experiment with the concepts of potential and kinetic energy. Build some super structures and take a look inside your favorite machines! Students will gain a new perspective on the world around them through exciting demonstrations and hands-on activities. Let's have fun with some fantastic forces!


Energize It! *New in 2019!*


Circuits and currents and conductors, oh my! This electrifying after school program from Mad Science is sure to provide a hair-raising experience as students explore the inventions of Tesla, Van de Graaff and more! Build your own simple circuits and take a ride on the electron highway to discover how currents flow. Get connected as you experiment with telecommunications and ask "Watt's Up?" as you witness incredible demonstrations of static electricity! This supercharged program will challenge students to identify the practical applications of electricity in their everyday lives through hands-on activities and exciting take-home projects each week!

Crazy ChemWorks

Ooze into action, manipulate matter and witness some radical reactions in this exciting Chemistry-themed after school program from Mad Science! Slide down the colorful pH scale and dip into the science of acids and bases. Learn to recognize chemical changes and mix ingredients together for some sensational results. Make your own ooey, gooey Mad Science slime to take home! From proper use of equipment and lab safety to molecular structure and more, this innovative program explores the exciting world of basic chemistry! Grab your lab coat and let's head to the laboratory for some Crazy ChemWorks!


Secret Agent Lab

Become a super sleuth and uncover the science used to solve crimes! This innovative after school program will introduce students to a wide variety of forensic science techniques, including fingerprint and fiber analysis, the process of elimination, eye witness accounts and much, much more! Students will also explore the exciting world of security, and learn about the inner workings of security systems, as well as how to decode secret messages, work a pair of night vision goggles, and other concepts related to secret agents!





Earth Science Explorations

From the outer reaches of our atmosphere to the bottom of the sea, get ready to explore our planet like never before in this exciting new after school program! See the world through the eyes of a grasshopper and learn to spot the differences between insects and other arthropods. Discover how plate tectonics and volcanoes shaped the surface of the Earth. Explore the diversity of life beneath the surface of the ocean, and learn what causes lightning and how weather occurs. Weekly courses will cover a wide range of Earth Science concepts including Entomology, Marine Biology, Geology, Meteorology and more! Pack your bags and get ready for some Earth Science Explorations!


M3: Magic, Mysteries, Movies!

Have you ever wondered how magicians pull rabbits from their hats? Or how some of your favorite movies were made? This innovative after school program from Mad Science will help students uncover the inner workings of some of their favorite things -- including toys, optical illusions, magic tricks and more! Discover why a compass always points North and learn how prisms refract white light to create rainbows -- without rain! Create your own Curious Cube and master the Chinese yo-yo. Students will be encouraged to make thoughtful connections between the scientific concepts presented in-class and their everyday lives. Remember, it isn't magic -- it's science!


Reactions in Action

Did you know that you are witnessing a chemical reaction when you bake cookies? Or that some of your favorite art supplies were created in a science lab? This innovative after school program will challenge students to explore the practical applications of chemistry in their everyday lives! Stick it to the walls and push the power of tape to the limits as we discover the chemical properties of adhesives! Melt metal with just a splash of water before freezing it with a breath of dry ice. Cook up some Elephant Toothpaste as you explore chemistry in the kitchen -- and much, much more! This program will help students connect with chemistry like never before! Get ready to see some reactions in action!


3...2...1 Blast Off!

Suit up and prepare for lift off as we explore the science of flight and the final frontier in this exciting after school program from Mad Science! Discover how rockets transport astronauts into space -- and how they live there when they arrive! Take flight as we explore the science of airplanes and build your own planes to take home. Solve the mysteries of air pressure and discover the composition of Earth's atmosphere. Students will explore the fascinating world of aerodynamics and astronomy as they witness interactive demonstrations and complete hands-on activities each week. 3...2...1... it's time to blast off!


NASA: Academy of Future Space Explorers

Developed in partnership with NASA, this engaging enrichment program is truly out of this world! Investigate asteroids, comets, meteors and other forms of space phenomena! Learn to spot the difference between the lights of airplanes and the lights of satellites. Discover how stars and planets are formed -- and explore how galaxies come together within our universe! Build your own model rocket to take home, and watch in awe as we send a rocket soaring through the sky! Try your hand at some of the technologies astronauts use while living in space, and learn about innovations in space exploration! Students will explore these concepts and more in this exciting program that will take us to infinity and beyond ... without even leaving the classroom!   




Camp Registrationsare Now Open
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