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Super Science Sampler


(SSS) Super Science Sampler (6-11)

Explore five of the coolest branches of science on your way to becoming a certified Junior Mad Scientist. We will explore the inner workings of the human body in Biology; we’ll study the earth and how we can continue to make it a better place; we can experiment with Newton’s Laws of Motion and perform the Great Tablecloth Tug during Physics; stirup crazy concoctions that become candy, ice cream and sidewalk chalk in Chemistry.  It’s a camp so great it’s Super!!

(ORG)  Organ Trail

Ever heard of a Mad Scientist that tried to build a person? On this day, we will follow in the footsteps of Dr. Frankenstein as we learn about human biology. Among other thing ,s we will make a life sized model brain, build a working model of a lung and diaphragm, watch food get digested in a seethrough stomach and even make a cup of Mad Mucous to take home!

(NEW)  Newton’s Locomotion

Sir Isaac Newton was very curious about how things move. On this day, we will discover Newton’s Laws of Motion and something called inertia in this handson program all about motion. We will experiment to learn how inertia works and how gravity is a physical force that keeps all objects  stuck" to the Earth. 

(SOC) Scene of the Crime

The jig is up! After witnessing a crime, campers will learn what tools real detectives use to solve crimes including observation and interrogation. These budding forensic scientists will use their five senses and put their new skills and powers of observation to the test to examine evidence and determine "who done it"? Campers will learn the techniques used in fingerprinting and examine teeth imprints and footprints. Our young detectives try to infer or derive possible explanations or conclusions about the crime based on both evidence and reasoning. They often do this by putting themselves in the “criminal’s shoes” to try and figure out what their motive or reason for committing the crime in the first place.

(CZY) Crazy Chemistry

Chemistry is all around us and part of our everyday lives, but what is chemistry? Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes that take place with that matter. On this day, we will experiment with common chemicals like soil moist, plaster of paris and more. We will build model crystals out of toothpicks and raisins, make our own sidewalk chalk and even our own tootsie rolls!

(ETH) Earth Awareness

 For as long as humans have existed, the Earth has been our home. Unfortunately, throughout history, we haven’t always been very kind to her.  On this day, we will explore ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. We will make recycled recycled paper, experiment experiment to find the best way to filter dirty water, build a lake in a bottle and experiment with solar energy.


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