Birthday Party Add-On Items

Party Additions:   



Rocket Launch: Children enjoy a real launch using a special Mad Science rocket that can reach heights of over 200’. We will attempt two air launches.   Birthday child also receives a ready to assemble Mad Science rocket kit.


Zap Attack: Explore the world of static electricity with a hair raising experience using our Van de Graaff generator.


The Science of Flight: Why do planes fly? How can they be made to do loops and fly upside down? Learn the science of flight. Birthday child also receives a Mad Science Sky Hawk Airplane.


Dry Ice Experiments: Hold your breath for something really cool. Conduct experiments with “frozen” gas and make a screwdriver scream. Birthday child also gets a Mad Science Cool Cup.


Laser Dance Party:  Observe the difference between laser and incandescent light.  See the laser beam jump, dance, and change shape.  the birthday child can even operate the laser while we provide the music for a laser dance party.  the birthday child will also receive their own pair of rainbow glasses.


The Science of Cotton Candy: We bring a cotton candy machine and show the children the science behind this favorite confection. 


Mad Science Goody Bags


Mad Science Sky Hawk Stunt Plane


Mad Science Rainbow Glasses


Mad Science T-Shirt