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Camp Eureka


Camp Eureka (ages 611) - The Inventor's Camp

 Inspire the inventor and scientist in you during this week of discovery and invention. Investigate the awesome inventions created before modern science had really begun. Imagine finding yourself on a deserted island with only a few supplies. supplies.  Add into the day a tsunami and a volcano and see how resourceful you can be using  Ben Franklin’s inventions as inspiration. We’ll join the adventure to infinity and beyond on this fantastic day where science fiction meets science fact. As far back as Jules Verne and as recently as George Lucas, dreamers have explored what the future can hold. Many of those dreams are now reality. This camp is designed to bring out the inventor in all of us.

(SHR) Shipwrecked

Inventing means necessity! Archimedes and Benjamin Franklin both created devices to make their society function more smoothly. This day puts you on a deserted island where you will work together to invent a means for collecting food and water, build shelters, bridges, and ponder how to get back home. You will   find and create tools to write a message we can send off in a bottle.  Eventually, with all we have done, we may be able to build a boat to take us home.

(ROK) Rock Paper Scissors

 Inventing means curiosity! Leonardo da Vinci started as an artist and developed many scientific observations that he recorded in his notebooks over the course of his lifetime. We will learn about his many discoveries and try our hand at his experiments. This will include the art writing notes backwards, measuring human proportions, constructing a self supporting bridge and building catapults and trebuchets. Our budding inventors will bring home their da Vinci designs to share their new found skills.

(WHZ) Whiz Kids

 Inventing means practicality!  Today is all about Rube Goldberg and the invention process.  Having great ideas and making them a reality are just two of the challenges of being a great inventor.  Protecting those ideas is essential as inventors Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla have taught us.   They were locked in several battles over electrical inventions of their era. We will look at the “nuts & bolts” of preserving preserving our inventions inventions

(DID) Discover Detection
Great detectives like Harriet the Spy, Sherlock Holmes, and the Batman don't just go out and catch the bad guys - they have to use science to find clues and figure out who the bad guys are!  We'll spend today learning about crime evidence like fingerprints, footprints, and cloth fibers, and how smart detectives use these little things to fight crime.


(GIZ) Gizmos and Gadgets 

The world is filled with all kinds of gadgets and inventions.  This will be your day to see what may be hiding inside your creative mind.  We will explore the science behind inventions and inventors.  We will learn the science behind many popular toys.  Be ready to create your own invention during this day of creative thought and scientific discovery.


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