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Enrichment Classes - Descriptions


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Developed in partnership with NASA, this engaging enrichment program is truly out of this world! Investigate asteroids, comets, meteors and other forms of space phenomena! Learn to spot the difference between the lights of airplanes and the lights of satellites. Discover how stars and planets are formed -- and explore how galaxies come together within our universe! Build your own model rocket to take home, and watch in awe as we senda rocket soaring through the sky! Try your hand at some of the technologies astronauts use while living in space, and learn about innovations in space exploration! Get ready, it's time to blast off into space!


                                                  CRAWL, FLY, SWIM…FUN 

Get up and get moving in this sampler-style class that will introduce you to some of the coolest branches of science around! From physics and aerodynamics to entomology, marine biology and more, you'll come face to face with creepy crawlies, marvelous minerals and other exciting scientific specimens in this action-packed enrichment program! Discover the differences between insects and arachnids, and use Insect-a-Vision glasses to gain a bug's eye view of the world around you! Experiment with Newton's Laws of Motion, and take a plunge into the depths of the ocean as you learn about life in the sea.  Explore ecosystems, geological formations and more through engaging hands-on activities and exciting demonstrations. Crawl, fly, swim and learn with science!


What's the matter? The better question is -- where's the matter? It's all around us! Explore the different states of matter and take a first-hand look at how molecules work together to form solids, liquids and gasses. Discover the different properties of polymers and get your hands dirty as we make our personal favorite polymer -- slime! Things might get a bit toasty as we experiment with exothermic reactions and discover how molecules move at different temperatures. Transform potential energy into kinetic energy through a series of a fun activities using catapults, and get your feet wet with experiments involving the various properties of water!

                                                                         MAGICAL EXPLORERS!   

Join Mad Science as we explore the world around us through science! Cook up some chemical reactions in the kitchen, and discover how magicians use science and illusion to create mystifying magic tricks! Learn about the propulsion systems used to send rockets into space, and watch as we send a model rocket upward toward the clouds! Discover the science behind some of your favorite toys, and see if you can master the art of the Diabolo yo-yo! Find out why magnets attract metal, and learn about the earth's own magnetic force. As we work together in our quest for exploration, just remember it isn't magic -- it's science!


                                                                          SEEK, FIND AND SOLVE!

Join Mad Science on a scientific journey as we seek answers, find evidence and solve problems in this engaging and hands-on enrichment program! Learn about the techniques investigators use to analyze crime scene evidence, and see if you can solve a “whodunnit?” of your own! Investigate simple machines, mechanics and the role that they play in our everyday lives. Identify the structures of atoms, molecules and more! Experiment with pH, acids, and bases through a series of engaging, inquiry-based experiments and exciting demonstrations! Grab your lab coat and pack your bags, this is one adventure aspiring scientists don’t want to miss!


                                                         ENERGY, FORCES AND LIGHT!

Discover the forces that give us super power while connecting with science and technology in this action-packed enrichment program from Mad Science! Check out the inner workings of telecommunication and assemble a sound-wave making device. Explore innovations in alternative and renewable energy and find out how cell phones use triangulation to communicate with towers. See how chemicals react and learn how catalysts can be used to speed up a reaction! Experiment with the forces that make our universe “tick” as we learn about gravity and inertia. These concepts -- and more! -- will be presented through hands-on exploration that will bring out the innovator and scientist in you!


                                                                 MIX IT UP

Join Mad Science as we explore Physics, Chemistry, Meteorology, Zoology and more! We’ll build super structures, work in the lab, and investigate the fascinating way animals disguise themselves. Conduct hands-on experiments to discover how and why weather occurs! Try your hand at engineering and architecture as we build bridges, towers and other structures! We’ll teach you how to properly use laboratory equipment to measure and mix chemicals, and you’ll learn to spot the difference between a chemical and physical change. This engaging enrichment program from Mad Science will give you an inside look at a variety of scientific disciplines, so get ready to Mix It Up!




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