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(FZZ) Fizzical Phenomenon & Crazy Chemystery (ages 611)

Take a walk on the wild side as we explore molecular madness, crazy chemistry and all kinds of radical reactions. Whip up potions, find out how different chemicals react when mixed together, and use your skills as a chemist to discover the answers to secrets you've always wondered about. 

(RAD) Radical Reactions

 On this day, we will explore the scientific method using chemical reactions with experiments including testing water, making a potato battery, popping corn, and more.  We will even conduct a color changing experiment in a tube.  It is so radical, it will continue to change colors for up to two weeks.

(CHE) Chemical Counting

What is chemistry anyway? Chemistry is a part of science that studies how chemicals combine and react. On this day, we are going to be exploring all kinds of different chemical reactions. We will conduct color changing experiments, experiments with fruit, soap and electroplating. We will even make a cup of “Brain Goo” to take home!

(IND) Indication Station

Chemical indicators can be considered the tattletales of chemistry.  They tell us something about the substances they come in contact with and on this day we will explore the uses of indicators and what they can share with us. We will take a look at mixtures that may or may not involve reactions. We will experiment with dry ice, conduct a taste test and even make our own soda pop!

(CEL) Cell City

There are about 2030 trillion trillion cells in the human body and they’re they’re all working working together together and doing different jobs to keep you alive. On this day we will explore the cell as if it were a city. We will learn about the different organells of a cell and how each has their own job in this city. We will play games that reinforce those jobs and we will even make a model of a cell in a Petri dish to take home!

(MAT) What’s the Matter

Matter is any g thin that has mass and takes up space. All matter is made of atoms so on this day, we will examine both atoms and molecules. We will build our very own marshmallow model molecules. We will watch Styrofoam reduced to a puddle of goo. We will obtain handson experience with chemicals found in the kitchen and even create our own beautiful crystal garden to take home!


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